Orange County Women’s Soccer League is one of the greatest adult womens soccer leagues in Southern California, USA.

Since 1976, volunteer players have organized this nonprofit league which operates annual Fall and Spring seasons for 18+, 30+, 40+ and 50+ divisions. OCWSL is host to recreational soccer tournaments that donate proceeds to high schools and soccer scholarships. The league provides opportunities for players of all abilities to play soccer for fun and fitness, while also encouraging the competitive spirit in female sports.

OCWSL shares important information, distributes registration materials, announces tournaments, and provides an online resource for new players and teams seeking players. It is also a source for game schedules, team standings, maps, forms and league bylaws and FIFA rules. Hey sports fans: don’t miss historical photos and news clippings from the first year of the league’s existence. And check out the other soccer related links to see how the US National Women’s Team is doing. Enjoy!

OCWSL HOTLINE: (714) 518 4877

Mandatory Team Rep Meeting

August 24, 2104
Fountain Valley Sports Park
5:00 PM (outisde Rec room)

Fall Registration

Click here for the registration forms.

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